Explore this Gallery for a sampling of all things ZIG ZAG!

With a primary emphasis on American Made, we feature work created by studio artists and small production vendors as well as select Fair Trade organizations.  A mix of artists that we have worked with for decades combined with new introductions each season, offers you a unique collection that is always evolving.  Whether you are looking for that perfect gift (or a little treat for yourself), know that you can always count on us to meet your needs.  

Spooner Creek

Spooner Creek Ceramic Plaque


WatchCraft Watches

Steel Pony

Steel Pony Designs

Warm Glass Wonder

Fused Glass Panel by Warm Glass Wonder

Anna Balkan

Anna Balkan Necklace

Bruce Larrabee

Bruce Larrabee Pottery

Patricia Locke

Patricia Locke Breast Cancer Pin

Santa Fe Stoneworks

Knives with Damascus steel blades

Cheryl Stevens

Cheryl Stevens Dishettes

Cindy Pacileo

Little Guys Clay Sculptures

Comfy USA

Comfy USA Dress and Top

Gratitude Globe

Save your special moments in a Gratitude Globe by Henrietta Glass

Joanna Craft

Joanna Craft Necklace

Dirty Dog

Dirty Dog Mugs

Mikutowski Woodworking

Mikutowski Woodworking Boxes

Steel Pony

Steel Pony Spring Collection

Dancing Diva

Dancing Diva Necklaces Handmade in Paris

Solmate Socks and Jellycats

Solmate Socks Baby Through Adult Sizes and Jelly Cat Stuffed Animals

Studio Vertu

Studio Vertu Coasters

Donna Toohey

Donna Toohey handpainted ceramic tray

Terra Cottage

Terra Cottage Squints

Snarky Tea

Snarky Tea

Rebecca McNerney

Rebecca McNerney Earrings

Squid Ink

Squid Ink Cards

bottle stoppers

Henrietta's blown glass Bottle Stoppers

Niche Clothing

Niche Clothing Dress

Spunky Fluff

Spunky Fluff Plaques

Raw Design

Raw Design Pepper Mills

Patricia Locke

Patricia Locke Necklace

MudWorks Pottery

MudWorks Pottery Mugs

Nina Cambron

Nina Cambron Glass Tiles

Donna Toohey

Donna Toohey Pottery

Oh My Gauze

Oh My Gauze Dress


Christmas Ornaments

Solmate Socks

Solmate Socks All Sizes

Mike Elsass

Mike Elsass Paintings

Spunky Fluff

Spunky Fluff Plaque

Steel Pony

Steel Pony Dress and Shrug

Kathy Bransfield

Kathy Bransfield Necklaces


Jellycats Stuffed Animal and Books

Patricia Locke

Patricia Locke Necklace

Joy Accessories

Joy Accessories Clutches

John DeAmicis

John DeAmicis Artwork

Hilborn Pottery

Hilborn Pottery

sweet dream bottles

Sweet Dream Bottles by Henrietta Glass

JK Creative Wood

JK Creative Wood Cutting Boards

Joanna Craft

Joanna Craft Necklace

Donna Toohey

Donna Toohey handpainted platters

Anna Balkan

Anna Balkan Bracelets

Greg Neal Pottery

Greg Neal Stoneware Bread Baker


Jellycats Stuffed Animal

Forked Up Art

Forked Up Art Salt and Pepper Holder

Basic Spirit

Basic Spirit Pewter Bowls

Davin Kesler

Davin Kesler Bottle Openers

Dirty Dog

Dirty Dog Pottery

Patricia Locke

Patricia Locke Necklace

Brian Kunkelman

Brian Kunkelman Pottery

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Donna Toohey

Donna Toohey Pottery